A Story of Epic Fantasy

The Earth is a delicate planet subject to the whims of its inhabitants. HELM tells the story of what happens when mankind takes nature's fragility for granted. After foolishly releasing a cache of dangerous weapons, the human race is almost entirely eradicated. Now it's up to the last living humans — a respected Elder and his young friend, Kory — to face off against evil and save their home.

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Helm 1 Book Cover
Robert Louis Malek

About Epic Fantasy Author Robert Louis Malek

Chicago native Robert Louis Malek graduated from Brother Rice HS before moving to Wisconsin's Northwood area. It was here that he first discovered his fascination with the woodlands, lakes, and rivers that would later inspire his debut book.

While living in this area, Robert attended the University of Wisconsin Madison and ultimately graduated with a Bachelor's in Pharmaceutical Sciences. While writing was always a hobby, he put his creative ambitions aside until retirement. Today, he resides in the Northwood area with his wife Joanie, who he suspects is part elf.

Email: helmsaga@aol.com


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